Earth Observation Sciences & Geographic Information Systems


Maps and Garphics

 Maps and Graphics. Statitistical and Thematic Mapping If you have statistical data that you want to represent on a map,

256 compasses

Servicios a Ingenierias (Eng)

 Engineering EOSGIS has extensive experience in cartography project managing for different sectors: energy, infrastructure,extractive processes, telecommunications and networks, among others.


Cartography Digitising

 Cartography Digitizing  All you need to tell us is the aproximate area you want to digitize or provide us with


Drawings & 3D

Drawings & Infography   The Computer Graphics and drawings are made based on the documentation you provide us with 3D programs

Editoriales 01

Publishing Companies

Maps and Drawings for Publishers and Graphic Design EOSGIS has years of experience in editorial projects creating cartography that can



Maps The maps we make can be adapted to the style, size and information that our customers require for their